GP East Bentleigh: A Single Venue for Health, Beauty and Wellness


Busy patients have little time or patience for traveling to multiple venues throughout the city to access medical and cosmetic services. The GP East Bentleigh clinic offers a full range of services for lab work, medical treatment and cosmetic-related procedures. Emergency services, state-of-the-art technology and monitoring equipment, and care for chronic conditions are all available at the Mackie Road Clinic.


Chronic disease presents one of the biggest challenges to healthcare professionals and is most prevalent in an aging population. The practice offers chronic care coordination for a comprehensive variety of diseases and conditions. For elderly, ill and infirm patients that are unable visit the practice, in-home visits can be arranged for those within a 5 kilometer radius of the clinic.


Skin cancer is a very real concern for active individuals who spend extended time outdoors. Patients have access to regular skin cancer clinics conducted at the practice to identify the disease and determine the best treatment and management plan.


A full range of pathology and monitoring services are available that includes ECGs, blood tests, blood pressure checks, and lung function testing. Immunisations at the clinic for adults and children provide disease protection. Staff monitor potential threats and provide advice to clients with travel plans about specific immunisations needed for their destination.


Extended health checks, minor surgical procedures and traditional types of medical care are all performed at the practice. Gender specific health clinics address issues of concern to men and women. The clinic’s podiatrist provides treatment and management options for infections and disorders of the foot and prescribes orthotic devices to relieve pain and address conditions related to chronic disease.


Integrative medical services provide methods that complement traditional therapies to manage pain, illness and disease with a whole body approach. Patients have access to the clinic’s accredited dietician for nutritional advice and assistance with specific dietary requirements.


To assist clients maintain a fresh and youthful appearance, anti-wrinkle injections provide an effective anti-aging solution. The minimally invasive procedure obscures creases, fine lines and wrinkles. Visible results are apparent in just 15 minutes and treatments are tailored to the individual.


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Preventative Dental Services Help Mitigate Bodily Disease


Dental health is a clear indicator of a person’s overall health. The dental professionals at the Evercare Dental Group provides a full complement of preventative, cosmetic and restorative services and have the expertise to help identify a variety of diseases and conditions in their early stages.

There’s a scientifically proven link between oral hygiene and conditions ranging from diabetes to heart disease. Inflammation and infections accompany tooth decay. Bacteria from bad teeth can enter the blood stream causing problems wherever it lodges. Maintaining dental health by utilizing preventative measures and having problems tended to quickly allows individuals to avoid a variety of diseases.

Patients have access to the latest preventative technology and techniques to keep teeth healthy. Clients learn proper brushing methods and the most effective dental products to use for specific needs. Regular cleanings and exams form the core of preventative dental procedures. Fluoride treatments prevent the formation of cavities and sealants can be applied to address pits and fissures.

Preventative services encompass custom mouth guards to protect teeth against damage that can be sustained during an extensive array of sports related activities. Custom fitted appliances are available to avert damage caused by teeth clenching and nocturnal grinding. Both practices wear down and damage tooth surfaces and is caused by stress and anxiety.

Without prompt treatment, cavities and periodontal disease result in infections, inflammation and pain. Bacteria from the teeth are easily transmitted to other parts of the body where it can contribute to or aggravate conditions that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes and bacterial pneumonia.

Restorative services include fillings, implants, dental crowns and bridges. Dental implant technology is typically used to replace a missing tooth, providing stability to surrounding teeth and preventing them from shifting. Implants are also providing a new alternative to dentures for some patients. Clients can choose the color and shape that’s most complimentary to their facial structure and complexion.

Dental bridges span the gap between teeth and provide an artificial tooth that restores functionality, addresses aesthetic needs, and prevents other teeth from moving following an extraction. Crowns are essentially caps that fit over a tooth that has required an extensive filling or a root canal and protects it from further damage.

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty at Evercare Dental. At-home and in-office tooth whitening is available, along with veneers that provide a quick and permanent solution for teeth that are broken, damaged or imperfectly formed. Dental bonding is offered to eliminate gaps between teeth.

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Body Focus Myotherapy Addresses the Difference Between Massage and Myotherapy


Many patients at Body Focus Myotherapy are confused about the difference between massage and myotherapy. Simply put, massage is a tool used in myotherapy to alleviate pain, restore function, address the needs of clients with chronic illnesses and accelerate rehabilitation.

Therapeutic massage relieves pain, promotes circulation and works with the body’s own abilities to accelerate healing. It aids in removing toxins from the body, stimulates the immune system and increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients. Massage is safe for women during pregnancy and enhances athletic performance.

It’s effective for those who have developed scar tissue and in an extensive array of chronic diseases. Massage keeps soft tissues flexible, helps maintain a range of motion and improves mobility. It’s an important element in stress management and is effective in addressing depression, anxiety, PMS and migraine headaches.

Clinical myotherapists employ multiple methods and techniques to treat patients. Massage is one technique and others include:

  • Dry needling/trigger point therapy is similar to acupuncture. It’s used to address tense and knotted muscles and neurological conditions. It helps flush toxins, and increases circulation and oxygenation. The techniques reduce pain and swelling, aligns the spine, and addresses dysfunction.
  • Myofascial release loosens the thick tissue surrounding bones and muscles. It helps maintain range of motion, flexibility and improves posture.
  • Heat therapy helps reduce pain, muscle spasms and keeps soft tissues flexible.
  • Cryotherapy utilizes cold to reduce inflammation and treat acute injuries. It reduces blood flow and is beneficial for swollen and bruised areas.
  • TENS therapy/electrotherapy stimulates nerves with low-level electric current to treat acute and chronic conditions. The method relieves pain and helps maintain nerve and soft tissue health.
  • Cupping is a technique in which cups are adhered to the skin through suction or heat to increase blood flow to areas experiencing pain.
  • Spinal mobilisation enhances joint function and benefits the nervous system.
  • Prescription exercise is specially designed movements to strengthen muscles and soft tissue throughout the body. It’s critical for rehabilitation and addressing limited motion associated with chronic conditions that includes arthritis. Clinical Pilates is one form of prescription exercise that is focused on strengthening the core and pelvic floor. It aids in pain relief and enhances stability and balance.

Myotherapists have access to massage and other techniques, all of which can be used as stand-alone therapies or in conjunction with others to create the best outcomes for patients.

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Aushealth Physio Enhances Sports Performance with Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates is a well-known treatment for relieving pain, increasing range of motion and maintaining mobility. The technique is also becoming a standard training element among world-class athletes. Pilates Brookvale classes are appropriate for alleviating dysfunction, assisting in rehabilitation and helping prevent injuries.

Clinical Pilates is far different than Pilates sessions that can be scheduled at spas and fitness centers. The Pilates offered at the practice are physiotherapy sessions customized to the individual and designed to address a comprehensive array of movement and mobility issues. Prescription Pilates programmes are created to meet the needs and ability levels of the patient, and are adjusted as required to reflect the client’s progress.

The benefits of clinical Pilates are well-documented and being used to assist athletes at all levels of ability. It improves flexibility and helps prevent injuries. Clinical Pilates brings a greater awareness to athletes of their body and its position in space and time.

The exercises strengthen the core and pelvic floor for increased balance, strength and stability, while providing greater muscle support for the spine. It’s effective for any type of sports activity, from triathlons to bowling.

Clinical Pilates assists those with joint disorders, patients with chronic diseases that inhibit free movement, and is even safe for pregnant women. The movements of Pilates aid women in returning to their pre-pregnancy figure, helps relieve the pain and discomfort of pregnancy, and assists in preventing neck and low back pain.

It’s especially effective for rehabilitation needs following injuries and surgical interventions, including joint replacements. Clinical Pilates is appropriate for patients of all ages. It’s beneficial for youths who often develop movement and postural problems during the rapid growth of adolescence.

Seniors derive a wide variety of benefits from clinical Pilates. It helps them avoid falls and balance problems and strengthens bones that lose density as people age. The exercise movements place less stress on joints than other types of exercise and are particularly beneficial for individuals with degenerative joint diseases.

Clinical Pilates is a therapeutic physiotherapy method that can be used alone or in conjunction with other techniques to rehabilitate, ease pain and return patients to their regular activities with alacrity. It accelerates rehabilitation, reduces fatigue, shows patients how to move with increased efficiency and enhances sports performance.

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Physiotherapy Offers Practical Solutions for all Stages of Life


An extensive range of services and special offers for new patients are just some of the reasons individuals seek Physio in Whittlesea. The practice’s professionals focus on relieving pain, restoring functionality and returning patients to their normal activities quickly at all stages of life.

The clinic’s professionals examine all the facets that contribute to a patient’s problem to address the cause and not just the symptoms. The practice treats patients who have sustained injuries in a variety of venues, along with those who have symptoms of chronic conditions.

Physiotherapy offers multiple methods that can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with other therapeutic options, depending upon the patient’s injury or condition. A complete treatment, management and rehabilitation program is developed for each client and tailored to their individual requirements.

Exercise and clinical Pilates play a valuable role in returning patients to functionality. Exercise treatments are developed to address specific needs and include in-office and at-home options. The flowing movements of clinical Pilates build core and pelvic floor strength. They’ve beneficial for restoring motion, preventing falls in the elderly and enhancing sports performance in athletes.

Hands-on manipulation and mobilisation is available for patients that may have difficulty fully participating in movements or have motion and stiffness issues. The therapies are beneficial for those recovering from injuries, surgical interventions and are instrumental in muscle reeducation.

Therapeutic massage is an important tool for athletes to improve their performance and prevent injuries. Relaxed muscles are less likely to be injured. Massage therapy is effective for treating soft tissue injuries, neurological conditions and is an integral part of stress management.

The practice offers dry needling, the Western version of acupuncture. It’s effective for restoring mobility, relieving knotted muscles that interfere with motion and improving circulation. The technique works with and complements the body’s own mechanisms to stimulate healing and remove toxins.

Patients have access to a complete foot health clinic and custom made orthotic devices to relieve pain and restore balance in the feet, limbs and lower back. Pain and dysfunction in one part of the body can originate in another area. Gait scan technology allows therapists to pinpoint problems with extreme accuracy.

Physiotherapy specifically designed for all stages of a woman’s lifetime is offered. Therapy is available to alleviate the pains and discomfort of pregnancy and nursing, build core strength, and prevent injuries and falls that are common during later life.

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Tokyo Physio: The Pilates Destination for English Speaking Patients


English speaking athletes who need Pilates in Tokyo can avail themselves of the premiere sessions offered at Tokyo Physio. Patients can participate in small classes or in individual sessions. Clinical Pilates is a valuable treatment for sports injuries, post-surgical treatment, chronic conditions and to enhance performance.

The practice’s physiotherapists are also world-class athletes in their own right, with an impressive list of accomplishments in competitions around the world. They’re familiar with the rigors of training, the injuries that occur during competition, and the best treatments for healing and rehabilitation.

Tokyo Physio is the premiere destination for the English speaking population living in Tokyo. The clinic contains a fully equipped Pilates studio offering state-of-the art equipment. The clinical Pilates classes offered at Tokyo Physio contain a maximum of three participants to ensure each patient receives the individualized attention they require. Individual sessions can also be scheduled.

Classes can be booked in increments ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. Packages of 10 classes are available and offer substantial savings. Clinical Pilates is specialized treatment designed to address pain, injuries and rehabilitation. It shouldn’t be confused with Pilates exercise programs that are offered at traditional fitness centers and as spa treatments.

Clinical Pilates builds strength in the core and pelvic floor. Patients build stability that assists in the prevention of injuries. It’s an effective treatment for easing pain and plays a vital role in the management of multiple types of injuries.

The controlled, therapeutic movements of clinical Pilates are beneficial for men and women, and programs are offered for pregnant athletes who want to maintain strength, tone and ability. It’s one of the most effective ways of rehabilitating an extensive variety of injuries, especially those of the neck and back, and is beneficial for individuals who are in training or who have chronic conditions.

The flowing movements of the physical fitness program have a focus on building strength, balance and control. Each treatment, management and rehabilitation program is specific to the individual, based on their needs and level of ability. Programs are modified and adjusted to reflect the patient’s improvement and changing needs.

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Physical Healthcare Incorporates Multiple Therapies for Healing


Physiotherapy offers multiple therapies and techniques to address injuries, rehabilitation needs and chronic illnesses. Scheduling an appointment with a physiotherapist in St. Kilda will result in a complete diagnostic assessment, treatment and management plan to alleviate pain, help heal and rehabilitate. The practice offers medical and physiotherapy services under a single roof, providing patients with a one-stop healthcare solution.

Services run the gamut, from physiotherapy, psychology and Pilates to speech pathology and podiatry. Physiotherapy treatments can be used alone or in combination with other techniques. Hands-on methods include manual manipulation and mobilisation, therapeutic massage and myotherapy for muscle and joint conditions. Physiotherapy eases pain, improves functionality, helps maintain mobility and aids in injury prevention.

The practice’s osteopathic services are available to diagnose and treat an extensive array of medical conditions. The clinic’s registered dietician can assist patients with information and advice on nutrition, healthy food choices and special diets to complement their treatment.

Dry needling, an ancient Chinese medical practice, is effective for relieving tension and for easing pain and inflammation. It works with the body’s own mechanisms to promote tissue health, healing and regeneration. Hydrotherapy utilizes the buoyancy of water to support the body, enabling patients to perform movements for mobility and rehabilitation that might not be possible on dry land.

Prescription exercise physiology is beneficial following post-surgical interventions and joint replacement, sports injuries and muscle atrophy, and for strengthening the back. Clinical Pilates builds strength in the core and pelvic floor, assists in injury prevention and stability, and aids in maintaining mobility. Programs are designed to accommodate the ability level of the individual and are modified as needed.

The practice’s speech pathologist specialises in working with children to assist them in communicating effectively and addressing issues that can interfere with social interaction and academic performance. For patients with foot problems, the clinic’s podiatrist provides treatment for multiple types of foot and lower limb infections, skin and nail disorders, and injuries and deformities.

Multiple types of therapeutic massage address post-surgical needs, rehabilitation requirements and are especially effective for patients with scar tissue. The method works with the body’s own healing mechanisms to improve circulation, remove toxins and stimulate the immune system. It’s also effective for improving sports performance.

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Carnegie Physiotherapists Treat Sports Injuries to TMJ Pain


Glen Eira Physiotherapy treats a variety of conditions, from sports injuries and chronic conditions to TMJ pain. The Carnegie physiotherapist offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of treatments to relieve pain, restore function and improve range of motion.

Multiple therapies are available that can be used individually or in conjunction with other techniques. Individualized treatment, management and rehabilitation programs are customized and modified as needed to address the patient’s level of ability and improvement. Treatment is available for children, teens and adults.

The physiotherapy professionals take a hands-on approach to discern the underlying cause of pain, dysfunction and disability rather than treating symptoms. Past and current injuries are factored into treatment plans. Manual manipulation and mobilisation are effective therapies when patients may have difficulty moving on their own and it’s beneficial for retraining muscles in the proper way to move.

Therapeutic massage is a valuable treatment to relieve pain, enhance sports performance and maintain movement. The technique works with the body’s own mechanisms to improve circulation, accelerate healing and remove toxins from the body. It’s especially beneficial for patients that have developed scar tissue and require rehabilitation following surgical interventions.

Exercise is a key to maintaining a range of motion and addressing various types of dysfunction. The flowing movements of clinical Pilates build core and pelvic floor strength that benefits both genders. It’s effective for creating stability and aiding in preventing future injuries. Specialized Pilates sessions are available to address the needs of pregnant and nursing women.

Pain in one part of the body can originate in a completely different location. A custom orthotic device addresses imbalances and posture problems that result in pain and discomfort. They provide support and proper alignment. Orthotic devices are effective for a variety of conditions that include high/flat arches, feet that bow in or out too far, and conditions particular to chronic disease.

Physiotherapy isn’t just for the treatment of injuries. Patients with a wide variety of chronic conditions can find pain relief and treatment. Management programs can be devised to address issues relative to diabetes, cerebral palsy and arthritis to lung conditions and heart disease.

TMJ and jaw pain afflict millions of individuals who can be helped with physiotherapy. Treatment and management plans address specific causes, from clenching and grinding teeth, arthritis, and trauma and injury. Even poor posture and improper sleep positions can trigger TMJ pain that can easily be alleviated with physiotherapy treatment.

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Fairfield Physio – The Therapeutic Destination to Treat Pain


Many conditions can be treated with physiotherapy, ranging from sports injuries and overuse strains to the effects of chronic disease. Patients in need of therapeutic services and rehabilitation choose physio in Fairfield for injuries sustained at work, home, on the road and during play.

Patients have access to a variety of therapeutic methods to ease pain, maintain range of motion and enhance mobility. Physiotherapy helps recover from injuries and maintain flexibility. It’s beneficial for neurological conditions, helps prevent future injuries and builds muscle strength.

Physiotherapists have the knowledge and expertise to assist clients with ways to perform tasks that are easier and safer. They offer comprehensive ergonomic and workplace assessments. Physiotherapists help patients with mobility aids that include canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs and motorized conveyances.

Therapies may be used alone or in conjunction with others, depending upon the patient. Joint mobilisation and manipulation is used to reduce pain and stiffness. It’s beneficial for patients that may have difficulty completing a full range of movement, aids in muscle reeducation, and maintains muscle tone and nerve activity.

Prescription exercise programs are an essential part of treatment and rehabilitation. Specialized exercises help clients maintain movement and mobility, builds strength and control, and is effective in developing stability to reduce the risk of future injuries.

Therapeutic massage is a core physiotherapy treatment that’s beneficial for alleviating pain, increasing circulation and removing toxins from the body. Massage therapy stimulates the immune system and works with the body’s own abilities to accelerate healing. It’s effective for those who have developed scar tissue and professional athletes utilize therapeutic massage to enhance sports performance.

Patients have access to gait assessment technology to analyze how they move at a walk, run and jog. The equipment identifies problem areas with pinpoint accuracy, allowing the physiotherapist to develop a custom treatment and management program.

Most people don’t realize how effective physiotherapy can be for treating the effects of chronic diseases that includes diabetes, fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease, along with arthritis, spinal stenosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cystic fibrosis. Dry needling is available at the practice to relieve muscle stress, pain and stimulate points within the body that may otherwise be unresponsive, and is beneficial for those with chronic disease.

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Awarding-Winning Strive is a Preferred Healthcare Destination


There are times when a visit to the doctor can’t wait, especially with children. Accidents happen and fevers can quickly escalate. Sick children are seen promptly and same day appointments are available for those unanticipated emergencies with the doctor in Townville at Strive Health Services. It’s just one of the reasons the award-winning practice has become a primary destination for patients of all ages.

The practice’s professionals work closely with hospitals and specialists, an attribute for which the clinic was recently recognized. Practitioners maintain an extensive network of specialists and can refer clients when needed, and provide assistance with care planning and allied health professionals.

A full complement of medical and physiotherapy services are combined under one roof for a one-stop health care solution. Appointments can be made by phone, online or with the clinic’s convenient app. Wait times are short, a feature that’s especially important in today’s busy world.

Patients are the center of attention at all times at Strive Health Services and receive their physician’s undivided attention. The practice has a focus on prevention and teaching patients how to avoid becoming ill. When immediate or chronic illnesses do arise, patients receive whole patient care that treats all facets of their problem, not just symptoms.

Chronic disease is one of the greatest challenges facing patients and those in the medical profession. The practice can create a complete treatment and management plan to improve quality of life for those with chronic diseases ranging from asthma to osteoporosis.

Fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, Strive Health Services patients have the ability to remain at home while being monitored for an array of conditions, from lung function and hearing tests to ECG and blood pressure recording. In-home and nursing home visits, along with palliative care can be arranged.

The practice provides care for all ages and all stages of life. Skin cancer clinics, counseling and weight management programs are offered, along with pre-natal and family planning assistance. For those who enjoy travel and enjoy the lure of the unknown, immunisations are offered and travel advice keeps patients abreast of potential health hazards and disease outbreaks.

Life doesn’t wait and neither do patients at Strive Health Services. Personalized care, treatment and management are a priority with every patient. Medical and physiotherapy combine at Strive for a whole health solution throughout each patient’s life.

For more information, call 07 4773 6133 or visit Strive Health online.