Awarding-Winning Strive is a Preferred Healthcare Destination


There are times when a visit to the doctor can’t wait, especially with children. Accidents happen and fevers can quickly escalate. Sick children are seen promptly and same day appointments are available for those unanticipated emergencies with the doctor in Townville at Strive Health Services. It’s just one of the reasons the award-winning practice has become a primary destination for patients of all ages.

The practice’s professionals work closely with hospitals and specialists, an attribute for which the clinic was recently recognized. Practitioners maintain an extensive network of specialists and can refer clients when needed, and provide assistance with care planning and allied health professionals.

A full complement of medical and physiotherapy services are combined under one roof for a one-stop health care solution. Appointments can be made by phone, online or with the clinic’s convenient app. Wait times are short, a feature that’s especially important in today’s busy world.

Patients are the center of attention at all times at Strive Health Services and receive their physician’s undivided attention. The practice has a focus on prevention and teaching patients how to avoid becoming ill. When immediate or chronic illnesses do arise, patients receive whole patient care that treats all facets of their problem, not just symptoms.

Chronic disease is one of the greatest challenges facing patients and those in the medical profession. The practice can create a complete treatment and management plan to improve quality of life for those with chronic diseases ranging from asthma to osteoporosis.

Fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, Strive Health Services patients have the ability to remain at home while being monitored for an array of conditions, from lung function and hearing tests to ECG and blood pressure recording. In-home and nursing home visits, along with palliative care can be arranged.

The practice provides care for all ages and all stages of life. Skin cancer clinics, counseling and weight management programs are offered, along with pre-natal and family planning assistance. For those who enjoy travel and enjoy the lure of the unknown, immunisations are offered and travel advice keeps patients abreast of potential health hazards and disease outbreaks.

Life doesn’t wait and neither do patients at Strive Health Services. Personalized care, treatment and management are a priority with every patient. Medical and physiotherapy combine at Strive for a whole health solution throughout each patient’s life.

For more information, call 07 4773 6133 or visit Strive Health online.

Physiotherapy Treat Injuries, Eases Pain and Prevents Mishaps


From Ironman Triathletes and steeplechase champions to elite biking and running competitions, when athletes need a physiotherapist in Sydney, The Body Mechanic is the destination of choice. The clinic’s physiotherapists are world-class athletes and competitors who have an in-depth understanding of what’s needed to return clients to their regular roster of activities.


The exercise-based physiotherapy services at The Body Mechanic are designed around a philosophy of realistic treatment with a focus on prevention. Many athletic related injuries can be avoided through methods that include therapeutic massage, specific exercises and functional movement assessments.


Clients have access to state-of-the-art techniques and technology to assist in rehabilitation, treatment for immediate and past injuries, and preventative measures to avoid future mishaps. Specific methods can be used as stand-alone treatments or in combination with other therapies.


One of the most common maladies treated at the clinic is overtraining injuries. It doesn’t matter whether patients are recreational or professional athletes, an overtraining injury can put an individual on the sidelines for weeks or even months. A trained physiotherapist can assist in develop a training program that allows individuals to reach their full potential without exceeding their physical threshold during practice.


Many professionals who don’t specialize in sports and athletic injuries typically recommend complete cessation of training and usage of the affected body part until the injury has healed. A more effective and efficient method of treatment is to continue training, but at a reduced level that’s carefully monitored.


When training for competition, every day is critical and the unique approach at The Body Mechanic helps maintain mobility with minimal loss of strength and endurance. It’s a method that enables athletes to heal and minimize pain, without losing valuable training time trying to catch up to their former level of skill.


Complete treatment and management programs are customized to the individual’s goals and requirements. Exercise and training plans are adjusted as needed to accommodate the patient’s progress and to ensure that activities aren’t exacerbating the condition. There are times when it may be necessary to cease all activities and a trained physiotherapist has the expertise and experience to choose the best route.


Located at Bay 10, Middlemiss St. in Lavender Bay, fans can follow the practice on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For more information, call 02 9955 5842 or visit The Body Mechanic online.

Naturopathy Provides the Tools to Help the Body Heal Itself

naturopathy (1)

Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic is the primary destination for Naturopath Glen Waverley. The human body is an amazing feat of bioengineering, able to heal itself of many ailments when it receives the proper care and nutrients. Naturopathy practitioners utilize natural means to correct imbalances, deficits and dysfunction for a whole body health and wellness lifestyle.


Many of the tenants of naturopathy are concepts that are actively promoted by traditional medicine, but naturopathic practitioners seek to accomplish health and wellness without the use of pharmaceuticals. The method emphasizes prevention, along with patient education about how their choices affect their health.


Individuals have symptoms when the body isn’t working correctly. They’re a clear indication that something is amiss. Practitioners of naturopathic medicine treat the underlying causes of illness, disease and dysfunction, as opposed to treating visible symptoms. Many of the body’s difficulties can be traced to imbalances or deficits of vitamins, minerals or hormones.


Naturopathy embraces a variety of non-invasive treatments that can include nutritional and herbal medicine, lifestyle advice, and homeopathy. Treatment may incorporate hands-on therapies that include massage and stress management, dry needling and specialized exercises.


A naturopath will obtain a detailed health history and may employ a variety of ordinary lab tests and functionality testing to assist in making a diagnosis. A customized treatment and management plan will be developed that can also include physical therapies, hydrotherapy, and dietary and emotional counseling.


The range of conditions that can be alleviated with naturopathic techniques runs the gamut, from migraines, asthma and infertility to allergies, hypertension and depression. Naturopathy practitioners have a wide range of science-based knowledge to draw upon for a holistic approach that treats the entire patient, not just a single aspect.


The methods and techniques of the naturopath are effective in treating an extensive range of ailments and conditions that don’t respond satisfactorily to conventional medical treatments. Once imbalances and deficits have been corrected, on-going prevention and maintenance is paramount.


Patients seek the services of a naturopathy practitioner for a variety of ailments. The medical professionals address chronic pain and issues specific to women of all ages, along with respiratory infections, sinusitis and digestive disorders. Many of the naturopath’s treatment tools are techniques and botanical methods that have been utilized for centuries and have earned a solid reputation for effectiveness in medical science.


For more information, call 03 9545 0278 or visit Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic online.

Why We Should See a Podiatrist


The branch of medicine that is Podiatry deals with the diagnosis, treatment and management of foot disorders. There are many ailments that affect the lower part of the foot and they can be mild like corns and calluses, or severe like arthritis and fractures. There are solo podiatrists who offer limited services because they cannot cover all the areas that podiatry involves. If you have a foot medical condition, you should seek help podiatrists who work as a group because they will be in a position to offer different solutions. Feet disorders lead to other kinds of ailments like diabetes, and that is why pediatricians who work as a group are the best choice because they offer all the services under one roof. This is the situation you will find when you visit us at Foot Clinic Sandringham, where we have a group of qualified and experience professional who work under the guidance of Christopher Wheeler. We are the leaders of podiatry in Sandringham and our experience in dealing with ailments from the mild ones like fungal infection and corns to major ones like arthritis has given us the edge.

Podiatry does not only deal with health threatening foot ailments but also rectifies deformed feet. An example that can be corrected by a pediatrician is bunions or what can be referred to as bony protrusions, like in the case of a big toe that bends inwards. It is sometimes called hammertoe but its medical term is hallux valgus. We are experienced in managing those conditions that are very painful if not corrected early enough. You will need to visit us at our Foot Clinic Sandringham, where a complete check up and diagnosis will be done. Precise mode of treatment will be recommended after a diagnostic imaging has been performed. The imaging helps to show the extent of the abnormality, and injuries in case the patient has injured the foot by overworking it. The treatment and management of such conditions varies because some will need just a change of footwear or exercising, while the serious ones will require corticosteroid injections or surgery where it cannot be avoided.

Go for Professionals When Seeking for Physiotherapy Services


Pain can hinder you from performing your normal duties because the brain will be concentrating on the discomfort rather than the important things you are supposed to do. Being unable to work can also lead to stress. Physiotherapy is a mode of treatment that is used to ease the pain and eliminate it. It is so effective that it can restore mobility if the joints and muscles had been immobilized by certain factors like accidents. Impaired mobility can also be caused due to weak skeleton muscles, bones and tendons. If you have problems with your movement, we have effective solutions at 4 Life Physiotherapy. Our Physiotherapists will monitor you. Then together with our medical team, we will ensure that you get effective solutions. We are the main providers of physiotherapy services in Mandurah.


Simply present your case to our physiotherapists at 4 Life Physiotherapy, and they will monitor your condition so that they can recommend the right treatment that will offer results instantly. Injuries could results from many things; it could be sports, poor warming up when training, lack of proper stretching techniques, muscle strain while playing and poor training equipments that cause injuries. The best way to treat such disorders is through our physiotherapy services.


Our aim is to prevent conditions that can be tamed to spoil your life by immobilizing you. We do not deal with only those who have injuries, even if you have never been able to coordinate your muscles, we will take you through exercises that will help you flex the muscle slowly until you can use them fully. We take you to all the stages needed and leave you in a better position than you were. Our services are not trials because we only let you go when we are assured that the problem has been rectified. We offer additional services like weight check procedures, keep fit classes and dieting lessons. These help the patient not to slide back to immobility.


We suggest that you have regular follow-ups and checkups at any of our 4 life physiotherapy clinic so that you can get confirmation of the status of the condition.

Get a Facelift with Lip Enhancement Injections

Cosmetic injection in the female lips

They say that a balanced and sparkling dental formula is the secret to a great smile, but a smile is never complete without some full and attractive pair of lips. Unfortunately, some of us are born with slim lips that make one feel inferior in public. It is possible to increase the size of the lips through lip injections. These injection or dermal fillers will reshape your lips giving them the volume that you wish to have. Imbalanced lips can also benefit from the same treatment, which eliminates wrinkles and unwanted lines on the lips. Always trust a professional with such medical procedures, and in this case, lip enhancement can only be left to be done by experts at Renew.


Some will fear the chemicals that are injected to enhance the lips, but there is nothing to be alarmed about because the Hyaluronic Acid that makes the lip fillers are natural complex sugars. In appearance, the filler is a smooth soft gel that has the ability to maintain the fullness of the lips for up to eighteen months. Through this period, you will be using your lips as normal without the fear that the movements may affect the treatment and shrink the lips.


The mild side effects that the patient may experience after the treatment are redness on the areas where the hypodermic needles was used, swelling, slight bruising and itching. The good news is that the side effects are temporary and will disappear after some days after the treatment. Before you get the treatment, Professor Mark Ashton will take you through some discussion so that he can clearly understand your concerns. Other practitioners may just carry on with the procedure assuming that lip enhancement is a general procedure without putting into consideration the specific requirements that individual patients have. Prior discussion about a patient’s case helps in determining the appropriate lip filler that will be used to shape the lip tissue. It is prudent to do a prior research before you get to the treatment and to learn more about us, you can visit our website.